Software Development

Problems often exist that impact the natural flow of business but which cannot be easily addressed or for reasons of business expediency are simply ignored.

Not knowing otherwise, it is often assumed that these situations represent a normal business environment. For instance, there can be cases where staff must complete some steps manually or must search, complete and document certain entries from lists and other sources. Inevitably this results in more efforts and resources being expended to achieve what should be a straight-forward task.

A properly designed software can automatize many processes. This, in turn, will help release valuable energy which can be redirected towards the achievement of core business goals.


Do you want to have a reliable solution for your shopping portal which is at the same time also affordable, you choose one of the Ecommerce platforms which will be installed on your own server – or even on a cloud server – to which you will have full access. While different yet capable platforms are available, we recommend nopCommerce, a powerful, secure and reliable shopping system based on Microsoft’s .NET Framework.

We will customize, host and maintain the system for you. All you need to do is manage your products along with the associated business flow. And while we cannot do that portion for you, we will gladly provide training on how to effectively manage online products and business flow with ease.

Website Development

We design and develop websites and web applications to best suit your business. Whether you prefer a modern style or classical look, we will design an appropriate web presence with required functionality and performance optimized for your needs. Regardless of your specific needs, from a beautiful Website for self-employed to a fully functional portal with high traffic for corporations, we will create a website that is well designed, maintainable and with flexible, scalable capabilities to best suit your business needs.

IT Training

Information technology is an area subject to constant change. Continuous training for specialists and executives is therefore particularly important and should address current topics, developments and important industry news. Our compact training courses for IT professionals offer a selection of special IT workshops around different areas, ranging from web development to programming languages.
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